Bypass Gástrico

Cirugía de derivación gástrica. Por un lado se reduce la capacidad del estómago haciéndolo más pequeño, y por otro se conecta este "nuevo estómago pequeño" directamente con el intestino delgado.

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Project Description

Bypass Gástrico

It is a gastric bypass surgery. On the one hand it reduces the capacity of the stomach by making it smaller, and on the other hand this “new small stomach” is connected directly to the small intestine. This gives us a feeling of fullness and also a reduced absorption of nutrients.

In addition, the pancreas decreases insulin secretion, although it also decreases the production of ghrelin.

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Some testimonials from patients satisfied with their surgery

A few days ago I just turned two years of my surgery and every day I am happier and more grateful of God and of you Dr. Torres, I want you to know that you are in my parents’ prayers, especially my mother’s, my life has totally changed for the better and I feel healthier and love myself even more, really this has been the best decision.


Do not give up with obesity I never thought of losing weight until, thankfully, Dr. Torres and the surgery helped me to recover my health and my life which I was losing little by little. Sometimes I can’t believe this is real, thankfully it is.


Grateful for his professional and humane treatment. Thanks for your care, for being attentive of the day to day of my process. Happy to see notorious changes in such a short time.